August 22, 2017

The Room Of White Fire by T. Jefferson Parker #Spotlight #Giveaway #PRHPartner

THE ROOM OF WHITE FIRE by T. Jefferson Parker
On Sale August 22, 2017 | G. P. Putnam’s Sons | Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-735-21266-4| Price: $27.00

About the book:

A former Marine, Roland Ford has devoted his life to fighting the good fit—to doing what is right and just, for himself, his country, and the people he loves. In his late 30s, he’s a young widower, still deeply grieving the death of his wife, and attempting to piece his life back together after the tragic loss. Ford is a broken man—adrift and aimless, trying to find himself, and what he believes in, once again. To make ends meet, Ford has become a private detective near San Diego. He’s good at his job—if you need someone found, he’s your man.

Clay Hickman came to Arcadia three years ago. An Air Force vet, he served in the second Iraq war and was deemed a danger to himself and others, suffering from schizoaffective disorder and bipolar syndrome. He was violent and depressed. He had several…incidents. Or at least that’s what Ford learns when he is hired to find Hickman. Almost immediately, questions begin to arise for Ford. Hickman’s military service doesn’t quite add up. The doctor in charge of his case seems to be hiding something. And so is the proprietor of the mental institute who is as enigmatic as he is brash, and ambitious to the point of being ruthless. Plus, there’s the young woman, Sequoia, who freely admits to loving Clay and helping him escape. Wherever Ford goes on the trail to finding Hickman, armed and dangerous men seem to be lurking. Could one—or perhaps all—of these people be the reason Clay Hickman has run away?

About the author:

T. Jefferson Parker was born in Los Angeles and has lived all his life in Southern California. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California, Irvine, in 1976 and began working as a cub reporter for a weekly newspaper in 1978. Parker’s first novel, Laguna Heat, was published to rave reviews in 1985 and made into an HBO movie starring Harry Hamlin, Jason Robards and Rip Torn just two years later. His subsequent novels—all dealing with crime, life and death against a sunny Southern California backdrop—have also elicited high acclaim and been noted bestsellers. His unique style of mystery writing has won him three Edgar Awards and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

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